other licenses and certificates

  1. Licenses in the areas of facilities, chemical industry, and IT from Iran technical & vocational training organization.
  2. Memorandum of association in short-term, mid-term and long-term courses in the fields of management and information technology with the school of management, University of Tehran.
  3. Licensed establishment in the field of IT from Iran technical & vocational training organization.
  4. A certificate of competence approval in the fields of engineering and HSE from Iran National Oil company
  5. Innovator and designer of the technical and special training required for our country’s different industries for the first time, including scripting, non-standard gears, DEH turbine control system troubleshooting, assembly and disassembly of all key sectors HSCB , etc.
  6. Designing, planning and holding technical training courses required to set up different units of West Asia Steel Company in cooperation with Isfahan Mehrjei technical company.
  7. A certificate of appreciation and performance for professional and technical courses given by Ghadir Petrochemical Company

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